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"TELL ME aND i'LL FoRGET; SHoW Me aND i MaY REMEMBER, iNVoLVE ME aND i'LL uNDERSTaND" -chinese proverb

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


sweet sweet success... i only have 7 more assignments to do. Can i tell you that i finally feel better about this stinkin class. I still need to do my WebQuest and start my official eportfolio but i know that it cant be all that hard from here. I had a lot of fun last night reflecting on all of my artifacts and rationalizing what all i have learned throughout my college experience. Let's see... yesterday was so nice cause i actually got to have a day of summer, out in the pool and everything. I will say the one thing that still frustrates me is the idea that I have no clue how to do the wikis thing, I also am way lost about this template. How do I download it and work....well that is for today i suppose. Just needed to keep up with this here blog. ha! see ya......

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