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"TELL ME aND i'LL FoRGET; SHoW Me aND i MaY REMEMBER, iNVoLVE ME aND i'LL uNDERSTaND" -chinese proverb

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

hump day.

so... today i had to do my photo sharing presentation and although i wasnt all that sure that i could teach any of you something i felt okay about the overall thing.lol thank goodness it wasnt like anything i wasnt already a tad bit familiar with. ha! umm... lets see so i just need to keep working on my e-portfolio and man, we are almost done. woo hoo!! okay, so pretty much i hate my wikis, i much rather be on here and talkin about that stuff here. ughh!! And then i was lookin back and never got the chance to do my first intel. it kinda bummed me out. but then again, if that's one of my only regrets, then so be it.lol And i really dont know how i feel about podcasting like cathy was talking about today in class. :/

here is my cool podcast...see if you can recognize the clip.lol


so i have been trying forever to figure out what it is i am doing wrong, but i keep screwing this up. so this is the link to the podcast i liked. and then i went ahead and added a podcasting gadget on the right hand side of my blog, its the CNN thing.
Another fun thing i went ahead and added today was the youtube search screen that way i could find how to's on alot of different things, such as wikis or podcasting.lol its great stuff guys!!

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