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"TELL ME aND i'LL FoRGET; SHoW Me aND i MaY REMEMBER, iNVoLVE ME aND i'LL uNDERSTaND" -chinese proverb

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

back at it againnn...

So, failure is so NOT an option!! I am convinced that this class is not nearly as bad as I keep imagining it to be, so now that I have the right attitude, maybe i can prove it to myself.ha! so pretty much it has been a long fourth of July weekend. Good food, family time, and fireworks...what more could a girl ask for. Well maybe the part where I didn't spend every free moment either at work or busy on the computer.lol but who's complaining?!...lol Umm.... so pretty much my computer still won't let me do my intel, it keeps uploading as pictures and it's super frustrating. I just don't understand. And even though I have managed to do my first UEN class and do 2 of the 5 total Rationales that are due, idk...it still seems like a ton of work! Well nonetheless, I just can't wait for this to all be over. 3 weeks and counting baby! woo freakin hoo!! Well if anyone knows how to do the intel thing another way and even the webquest thing, please let a girl know ;)

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