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"TELL ME aND i'LL FoRGET; SHoW Me aND i MaY REMEMBER, iNVoLVE ME aND i'LL uNDERSTaND" -chinese proverb

Thursday, July 22, 2010


So i actually presented to the class on photo sharing and i used photo bucket to do so. It was fun to be able to adjust my picture on a separate website and be able to upload on there that way i didn't take up space on my personal hard drive. Not only that but being able to adjust the size and just modify pictures is so nice. But that's not it. You are able to upload different quotes, mp3 files, icons that you can copy and paste the html onto for pretty pictures... it was just way cool!


so i have been really trying to figure out a way to be able to do the bookmarking, just click on the little star in your tab thing where you would find the url and...that is how you bookmark. neat-o!
and then with the help of wikipedia find ways to look at recipes and add on it, find lessons and use em, and even put up your own things so that people can collaborate with your ideas. I find that pretty awesome because you have endless opportunities for new ideas. I mean come on it is the WORLD WIDE web. How blessed are we to have the ability to communicate with so many different places and people and wow!...its just amazing!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

sweet sweet success!

Okay... so i think i am finally getting this whole wix thing, so dont even worry guys! although i will say my one and only complaint is this too large thing, it will not allow me to upload my ppt for my digital scavenger hunt because apparently the file is too large :/ it is oober frustrating. But other than that my e portfolio is complete :) Umm.. i still have a few more things to work on but almost done! So firstly i must admit i am a bit confused on bookmarking. I know how to add things to my favorites and bookmark links or what not, which is why i have the links i go to most on my home page, so what else am i supposed to know how to do. As for my wikis i created an account and put up a post but i didnt know what else to do.lol i will say although these were maybe some of the simplest assignments they gave me the most difficulty.

2 days left...

man oh man.... trying to switch from wordpress to wix has been pretty interesting to say the least...blah! wix has sooooo many more neat features as to try and fancy it up but the wordpress i almost had done i couldn't rearrange the format of the pages...so they were in the wrong order and that way to stay there. ah! its not even like i dont have all of the work. i just suck at putting it all together. well here we go. not too much left, after 4 and a 1/2 weeks i think i can finish strong!!

Monday, July 19, 2010


i have been so excited to come to this class these past few days, i feel like i have finally been improving with my technological knowledge but then this e-portfolio has been kind of a test for me. Being able to use all of these different ideas and coming up with a piece of work that will show off my abilities..lol or the lack thereoff.... well off to work on it, hopefully this comes together. i dont know how to move pages if they are in the wrong spot :*(

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

hump day.

so... today i had to do my photo sharing presentation and although i wasnt all that sure that i could teach any of you something i felt okay about the overall thing.lol thank goodness it wasnt like anything i wasnt already a tad bit familiar with. ha! umm... lets see so i just need to keep working on my e-portfolio and man, we are almost done. woo hoo!! okay, so pretty much i hate my wikis, i much rather be on here and talkin about that stuff here. ughh!! And then i was lookin back and never got the chance to do my first intel. it kinda bummed me out. but then again, if that's one of my only regrets, then so be it.lol And i really dont know how i feel about podcasting like cathy was talking about today in class. :/

here is my cool podcast...see if you can recognize the clip.lol


so i have been trying forever to figure out what it is i am doing wrong, but i keep screwing this up. so this is the link to the podcast i liked. and then i went ahead and added a podcasting gadget on the right hand side of my blog, its the CNN thing.
Another fun thing i went ahead and added today was the youtube search screen that way i could find how to's on alot of different things, such as wikis or podcasting.lol its great stuff guys!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

tuesday tuesday...

so what a morning.. I'm pretty sure I'm still asleep so I apologize for my slowness..lol Umm... So 3 more assignments dude, and right now I'm pretty bummed because I am supposed to be sharing my photo thing tomorrow and I can't even pull up my PhotoStory3 thing to review it on my submission. :/ how frustrating! but yeah...that's about it. gotta get to work on this portfolio thing. bleh, see ya! umm.. so jk guys.. im sharing today. so be ready!..lol

Monday, July 12, 2010

yippee ;)

Today i felt really accomplished. I only have 2 real assignments left, go me! and i just finished with my 3rd UEN. I learned alot about the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, all of which i only have the iPod.lol Its all good...one day yo, one day

Sunday, July 11, 2010

dude...2 more weeks

so i hate that everytime i feel like i am being productive and finally making some kind of progress i then notice all of the work i someone forgot about and then feel overwhelmed all over again. it is a feeling i am becoming all too familiar with. Not that its necessarily bad, i suppose its good to be able to work under these conditions and actually perform well...idk So this weekend i decided to take a day off. Enjoy summer for a day, the sun, the pool, but mostly the part where i wasnt stuck inside on my computer doing homework. lol ahhh.. that was the BEST part. Umm.. today i went ahead and watched my second UEN, it was helpful, but still not my ideal choice in what to spend 30 minutes of my night on. Let's be honest, im just glad that we are finally down to the last 2 weeks.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


sweet sweet success... i only have 7 more assignments to do. Can i tell you that i finally feel better about this stinkin class. I still need to do my WebQuest and start my official eportfolio but i know that it cant be all that hard from here. I had a lot of fun last night reflecting on all of my artifacts and rationalizing what all i have learned throughout my college experience. Let's see... yesterday was so nice cause i actually got to have a day of summer, out in the pool and everything. I will say the one thing that still frustrates me is the idea that I have no clue how to do the wikis thing, I also am way lost about this template. How do I download it and work....well that is for today i suppose. Just needed to keep up with this here blog. ha! see ya......

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

back at it againnn...

So, failure is so NOT an option!! I am convinced that this class is not nearly as bad as I keep imagining it to be, so now that I have the right attitude, maybe i can prove it to myself.ha! so pretty much it has been a long fourth of July weekend. Good food, family time, and fireworks...what more could a girl ask for. Well maybe the part where I didn't spend every free moment either at work or busy on the computer.lol but who's complaining?!...lol Umm.... so pretty much my computer still won't let me do my intel, it keeps uploading as pictures and it's super frustrating. I just don't understand. And even though I have managed to do my first UEN class and do 2 of the 5 total Rationales that are due, idk...it still seems like a ton of work! Well nonetheless, I just can't wait for this to all be over. 3 weeks and counting baby! woo freakin hoo!! Well if anyone knows how to do the intel thing another way and even the webquest thing, please let a girl know ;)

Friday, July 2, 2010

mountain o' homework.

So...this is officially my weekend. Homework, homework, and oh how about some more homework. And to be honest most of it starts out with me not even sure of what i need to work on just that SOMEthing needs to be done :/ I cant get the stupid intel thing to work on my computer and then i dont have anymore artifacts to use. I get home thinking maybe i can hang out with the family and then remember i have no life. I am on the computer trying to understand this class. I really wish this mountain wasn't so steep but it is... and I'm no where near the top. Three more weeks is too long! Please get easier Education 2500, please. I promise i haven't always been so stupid. bleh.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

So i dont know how to make a document and it sucks!! I am so excited to learn and yet i dont know how to help myself :/ But i will say i felt pretty dang good about the googledocs and my rationale. I just hope that if i can do the little stuff the rest will all fall into place. Well at least today is the last day of the summer school week and although i have two tests today, i will get a weekend to try and catch up :) wooo hoooo!! And yesterday i went to watch Toy Story 3....oh my heck, what a great movie! i absolutely LOVED it! definitely a good pick me up after a relatively busy week. Well if anyone wants to help me out please feel free. i can always use others advice especially since i just recently realized i dont know too much about technology.