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"TELL ME aND i'LL FoRGET; SHoW Me aND i MaY REMEMBER, iNVoLVE ME aND i'LL uNDERSTaND" -chinese proverb

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

maybe im NOT stupid

So yesterday felt like my most successful today because let me tell ya...today i thought i was doing good until i saw all of the LATES i had next to almost all of my assignments. What a shame! i can try and try and try.. and somehow i still manage to fail. Welp, tomorrow...im not sure that i am looking forward to it, but please someone do something like me so i dont feel like the idiot of the class. I feel like i am going slow mo.....haha but really! well 7am rolls around quick, so its time to head out. see ya!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


So today i made my story for the photostory3 project. Can i just say that my work is freakin awesome!! haha or so i thought so. just make sure you are carrying some kleenex ;) umm... and although i am terrible at keeping up with this class im slowly starting to feel like maybe it wont be too bad. I just also think that maybe this class is one that you have to spend alot of time with and being that this is only 1 of 3 other classes im taking on top of two jobs and a family outside of this...i feel that maybe, just maybe i over did it. idk. Lets see... my computer at home is a piece of crap and several times this morning i thought maybe i should just chuck it. How useless technology can be sometimes....anyhow its off to yet another class where i am definitely a bit discouraged in. ESPANOL. I will say though, i had an amazing date last night, so i intend to stay positive in life. If this isnt gonna work out... something else will!

Monday, June 28, 2010


wow...what a chaotic classroom! but im glad we finally got it under control...or so i think?! Im still a bit uncomfortable but i feel like i am always learning something. Not that i know how to do everything but it is just so awesome to be able to see what we all have readily available to work with and how collaboration really is an effective way of learning! I'm still not sure what i can bring to the table but i feel better about this class overall. Maybe if i play around with my blog today i can show you all some pretty neat-o things, so dont even worry guys.. im on it ;)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


So firstly...good thing I knew that I was supposed to be posting on the daily.lol nonetheless... here I am:) I'm not trying to be mean but I'm still not all that comfortable with this whole blog concept. Its like my personal journal that EVERYone can see. So I will just talk about things i am learning. Today I learned how to put videos up on my page. Not that I would ever really need to but now if I ever wanted to, guess what, i can!! Also today, Ezra taught us how to put gadgets, pictures, or games on as well..haha Well maybe that will make my page more fun for you guys and I will have more than one follower. hmm... or maybe not, but we will see as this summer progresses. Well gotta go do this scavenger hunt, gonna try and have some fun!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 2

This class is super intense. Prior to this class I thought I was pretty good with computers and what not, just kidding. Blogging is something that without this class im not sure that i would have done anyway. Sure its cute but who really makes time for all of this. Clearly I do now. AH! Lets hope that my skills improve because right now I'm not so comfortable in this class. :/